Are you between the ages of 16 and 35?
Do you love writing stories, photography or videos?

Learn how to create and build a portfolio of Stories, Photos, graphics and short movies using:

  • Basic Animation
  • Photographs and photographic Effects
  • Design Graphics
  • Audio-visual tools

The outcome will be engaging and authentic stories of struggles and successes to empower individuals and communities to add their unique perspectives not often heard or seen in local, regional or international media. To qualify for an internship or even start your own business Social Justice Foundation will be conducting 8 weeks training in basic Digital Media Skills from 28th July in your community

NEXT UP: La Brea/ Pt Fortin and Environs

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Interested? We will be operating in six areas:

Area Start Date Registration Link
Arima/Wallerfield 21 July 2018 Course Completed
Cashew Gardens/Longdenville/Carlsen Field 28 July 2018 Course Completed
La Brea/Point Fortin  6 October 2018 Course Log-In
Toco January 2019 TBD Course Log-In
Mayaro March 2019 TBD Course Log-In
Laventille April 2019 TBD Course Log-In

Project sponsored by the Ministry of Planning & Development – Global Services Support Program through funding provided by the Inter-American Development Bank