Welcome to the new home of The Social Justice FOUNDATION(SJF) on the internet. The foundation started in 2007 with a simple yet powerful guiding principle: creating equity through training of vulnerable youth in rural and at risk communities in information and communications technologies (ICT).

This guides our non-profit organization’s main activities of:

  1. Youth Training Youth in sustainable skills- opening pathways to future media employment opportunities, as trainers themselves or their own businesses;
  2. Building self-esteem and self-hood by telling the story of youth and rural/ at-risk communities with their own voices and images;
  3. Bridging the digital divide in rural communities.

SJF seeks to build on The Good News (TGN) video production training programs done in several rural locations in Trinidad from Toco/Matelot, Carlsen Field, Mayaro/Guayaguayare, Tunapuna/ Curepe (for orphan homes), Rio Claro, Siparia and Penal that trained over 600 young persons. Some TGN graduates were hired as interns and full time staff at local TV stations CNC3, TV6, ieTV and CNMG, etc. Other graduates continue to record conferences and projects for other NGOs.

SJF also has created a suite of content- including films selected for the T&T Film Festival such as ‘The Mystery of the Soucouyant’ (2013), the ‘Glorious Childhood games of back in De day’(2012) and ‘Life of a Young farmer’ based on the real life story of a TGN trainer and ‘Tales from the House of Smoke’ of the Warao Amerindians in Siparia.

Fast forward to 2017- the global media industry has gone digital.

In order to remain relevant and advance its mission, it is therefore critical that SJF transform to a digital youth-oriented media organization with appropriate ICT infrastructure and Youth trainers certified in digital media skills to transfer to the upcoming next generation of youth storytellers.

The new global citizens are increasingly connected through the Internet or smartphone to a range of information, education, electronic/mobile commerce opportunities and government services, whilst sharing their stories through varied social media. However there is increasing concern about a digital divide where rural persons and vulnerable communities run the risk of exclusion from online information, services and opportunities.

We are grateful to be an grant awardee under the IDB MPD Global Skills Support Program to launch the basic Digital Media Skills training initiative aimed at development of holistic and certified training in digital media skills that can help transform these youth — both economically and socially while preparing the next generation of youth digital storytellers for employment and/or their own online businesses.

Other outcomes of the project are to:

  • Contribute to poverty reduction and social justice through equal opportunities to employment (i.e. media internships, jobs, certified trainers in digital media);
  • Create self-employment and entrepreneurship opportunities using online digital media;
  • Develop a cadre of trained digital media personnel that are skilled to support the continued development and export thrust of local and regional Creative Industries in film, animation, etc.


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